As a business, how do I account for GNW redemptions?

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As a business, how do I account for GNW redemptions?

Postby Mike Fallat » Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:40 pm

Q. How do I account for GNW purchases when a customer wants to redeem?

[b]A. This is completely up to you. Each business can do it however they want. Most businesses create a separate function that represents “Store Credit”, a discount, a coupon or Gift Card Sale.

If you are using POS PIZZA 6.4, you may add a coupon titled "GoNextWorld redemptions" for easy and accurate accounting.
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Re: As a business, how do I account for GNW redemptions?

Postby John Donovan » Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:04 pm

One way to track GNW Redemptions in POS Pizza is to add an item as a coupon to your POS Pizza software. This will allow cashiers/clerks to deduct the redeemed amount from the total sale within POS Pizza, print the deduction on your customer receipts, and track the GNW redemptions per transaction in your POS Pizza reports.

STEP 1: Add GoNextWorld Redemption as Coupon in POS Pizza

1. Log into the Management Utility Program using a supervisor account
2. Click "Inventory" on the top tool bar
3. Click "Master Items"
4. You will now see a list of your current sale items that are in the system
5. Click the "Add" button to add a new item.
6. First enter a Unique Item name as “Coupon – GoNextWorld Redemption”
7. Next enter the item's Description as it should print on receipts and be shown to the customer, “GoNextWorld Redemption”.
8. Choose “Coupons” from the Item Category drop-down list if the option is available. Otherwise, leave it not assigned.
9. Click the "Pricing & Taxes" tab
10. Enter the standard charge for this item as “-3.00” (make sure it is negative three (-3.00) not positive.
11. On the lower right-hand side of this window, check any sales taxes that should be applied.
12. Click the “Options” tab
13. Place a check in the box “Skip Modifiers on Add Item” on the left side of the window
14. Place a check in the box “Item is Coupon” on the left side of the window
15. Save the item

STEP 2: During EACH order within POS Pizza, clerk/cashier will add the GoNextWorld Redemption as item to any sale which customer uses an Online Purchase.

1. After all customer items are ordered, Select “Add Item” on the Order Screen. In the “Add Item to Order” screen that appears, search for “Coupon – GoNextWorld Redemption”, select it, and exit the screen to complete order as usual.
2. Including the “Coupon – GoNextWorld Redemption” , will deduct the $3.00 redemption from the sale total and be tracked in each sale.
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